Working like a crazy little monkey lately; I have a large pile of work I’ve been working to complete before disappearing to WEMT training for the next two weeks. Conspiring to help me miss my deadlines are a horrid bug having to do with the building of shared objects that no one else seems to be able to understand and the perfect house arriving and needing tons of time for writing of contracts and finding of financing, mixed with just a touch of credit history bureau mistakes and car trouble.

The house is lovely. It’s in Weathersfield, Vermont, just one small mile from Downers. It comes with a 1956 John Deere 420W Tractor with brush hog and scraper blade and a ’79 Chevy pickup.

I went and helped carry a body out of the Whites last Thursday with the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team. It was a long day; 3.5 miles and 3300 feet up to Madison Hut, or nearly so, and then back down with the litter. A big team from SOLO showed up with two instructors… It turned out to be the first section of the WEMT class that I will be joining on Monday for part two. I know both of the instructors from previous classes, and they seemed pleased that I will be coming for part two.