Let’s see.

First, there’s this.


Next, speaking of Guy Fawkes day, I saw ‘Braveheart’ last night. It’s a fun movie, but claims to be ‘based on the life of William Wallace’. Unfortunately, not really. I googled a bit to clarify some details and found that the movie has some character names in common with the life of William Wallace, but that’s about it. That really burns me up. Good costumes, nice period tactics, completely made up situations.

Mel Gibson hates the brits, that’s for sure. Comparing ‘Braveheart’ with ‘The Patriot’ shows a pretty clear formula. Mel apparently thinks it’s not okay to stand up for your rights until the baddies off your loved ones. And that’s okay, I guess. Did I mention he hates the brits? I liked ‘The Patriot’ up to the point the brits locked the colonists in the church and burned it down. Call me particular, but if you are going to base your film on history, honor history.

Yep, I’ll probably see Gibson’s Passions, but I’ll bet Christ remains a carpenter until the romans off his puppy.