In honor of ‘s amazing tale of supreme personal efforts to solve problems in the workplace, I have created a new award.

Announcing the…

Corporate Workplace Award for Personal Achievement (CWAPA)

This occasional recognition showcases the talents of a worthy recipient as they solve a seemingly untractable workplace problem with style and aplomb, as related through the recipient’s LJ post.

I have dedicated one of the machines in Forbidden Lab to Readherring. This computer, formerly known as 6OP790.PC3, has been renamed ‘Readherring Memorial Computer’. A sign and citation have been produced and affixed to the computer with bandaids. The citation reads ‘Awarded 1/23/04 in recognition of specialized use of Guatamalen cookies in support of customer satisfaction’.

(I picked this machine as the first to be dedicated since the surrounding desktop is liberally sprinkled with someone’s cast-off redhaired shavings, so I wanted to get it out of the way.)

I have also updated eight building’s worth of printers to read ‘XXXXXX salutes Readherring!’, where XXXXXX is the employer name (deleted to protect the guilty).