Last night I was voted into the fire department. Apparently it was unanimous (I left during the discussion and voting).

After the meeting, I hung around for a while. Various other(!) FFs showed me things on the engines. I got to try on a Scott airpack. I got to play with the jaws of life and the complimentary beetle-pinchers tool for cutting car roofs off.

Then they set me up with turnout gear; new coat, pants, and suspenders, old boots, new gloves, old mittens, new nomex hood, old helmet, new fire department license plate, old pager. Pager!

Now my communications ‘basic load’ consists of pager and cell phone for work, pager for search and rescue, pager for fire department, radio for ambulance. Crazy. I feel like I need a Bat utility belt.

I’m not allowed to take my gear home for three months; I’m probationary. I’ll post a picture of me in my gear sometime later.

I will be meeting with the department officers next Tuesday. They didn’t say why, but I assume it is to discuss training and probationary requirements.

On a different front, today we received notice from the courts in New Hampshire and Vermont that we won our suits against both our former landlord and former tenant. Now we just have to collect, which may be difficult. Still, good news.