I worked a bad one yesterday.

I was the first EMT on the scene of a three vehicle accident. One of the cars contained four unbelted teenagers and a baby. The baby was strapped into a car seat but the seat was apparently not secured within the vehicle. While three of the patients were in pretty bad shape, the baby was the most upsetting for me. I functioned just fine in the chaotic scene, although I almost lost it while trying to console the baby. The poor kid had a massive egg on his forehead and was bleeding from the nose and mouth. He was clutching a Pooh bear which I tried to use to calm him down. He just wanted his mom, though, and mom was in no condition to take care of him. The kid’s skull was fractured, as it turns out.

The scale of the accident made it a mass casualty incident as far as our department is concerned. We eventually had fire apparatus from two departments and ambulances from four departments (including the Dartmouth helicopter). It took quite some time to get enough ambulances on scene.

I personally assessed seven victims including two serious head injuries, two spinals, and a broken elbow. All of the seriously injured had large head lacerations with glass embedded in them.

I am proud to report that I functioned well and was complimented on my performance by several firefighters and ambulance squaddies.