The monthly community supper hosted by the fire department was Saturday evening. I was preparing a meat-free spaghetti sauce under the direction of about an hour before I was supposed to be at the local elementary school when the pager went off for a trailer fire across town. told me that she would get the sauce to the school and so I left for the station.

I drove to the fire in engine one. We screamed across town with heavy metal music blaring from the radio.

By the time of our arrival, the fire was under control. I wandered around talking to various people, including an ambulance crew that had worked Wednesday’s mass casualty incident. After a while, one of the department’s officers gave me some tarps and sent me up to the scene.

The fire had consumed parts of a trailer home. The fire could have been very serious due to the very close proximity to a farmhouse and barn.

We were cleared from the scene and made it back to the school before the meal started.

, O1, O2, and my parents attended the supper. They had a good time, and the FFs were all pleased to meet my family.