August 2004

Kerry may not have to sign an SF180 after all for the light to be let in.

Here’s what’s interesting, though; during the two periods the hoohah about Bush’s service was going around, no one suggested that he should sign a 180. This leads me to two conclusions; first, that the democrats obviously do not have many resources familiar with military policies. Second, that the MSM is piss-poor at research.

Bush hasn’t submitted a 180 as far as I can tell, but he should, as well.

By the way, Judicial Watch claims they are non-partisan, but I do not think they really are. They *do* pursue republican issues, but not as many. Who cares; Soros can set up his own attack dogs. Oh, he has.


So, in addition to trying to suppress the Swiftboats for Justice 527 ads, Kerry is now trying to suppress Unfit for Command. Interesting how quiet he has been about his own 527’s ads (, for example), and the various sketchy Bush attack books and movies. So much for the first amendment protections, eh? Oh, the first amendment only protects liberal speech.

The MSM, of course, is complicit by its silence. Can you imagine the hooplah and outrage if Bush tried to suppress the silly movie with the title stolen from Bradbury or an Al Franken book?

I had little interest in reading UfC, but if the Kerry campaign wants it removed from bookstores, it must be something, eh?

My family, my parents, my sisters and their immediate families went to Corolla, NC, for a week ending last Saturday. We ended up coming home a day early due to the threatening weather. It was pretty fun, though a bit stressful towards the end as it became clear that Hurricane Charley would hit Sanibel, the island my parents live on in Florida.

My sister, , has discussed various aspects of the visit on her journal.


My parents read the weather news. For a while, it seemed pretty certain that their house would be destroyed… They haven’t been back yet, but someone rode by on a bike and said it looks okay. Phew.

Mom and Dad look at the weather

That’s Jack, ‘s son, on my dad’s shirt. Her family is continuing the tradition of calling the first kid something other than his first name. O1 and Jack are both named ‘James’… O2 goes by his first name at present; very few people actually call him by his ‘first middle’ name, Hornswoggle. Some do, though. (Full disclosure; refused to have Hornswoggle put on the birth certificate, but I managed to convince her while she was still woozy from the meds to let me add a dangling ‘H’ in there; O2 H. Lowell RabidBxiie. We all know what it stands for, of course.)

As I said, we left a day early. So did many other people. Plus, it rained and backed up the storm sewers, partially blocking the road. It took us four hours to go the several miles (eight?) from Corolla to Duck. Conveniently, the other groups of family left before or later and managed to completely avoid this traffic.

This was the unchanging view in front.


And in back.

More traffic

This photo was taken during the four seconds that O1 was quiet.

Me and O1

We stopped to say hello to Babbah and Jabbah on the way home.

Rob and Joe

I had no idea, but apparently John Dugan joined the Secret Service and is helping to protect the best the democrats have to offer.

Check it out!

Thanks to Powerline Blog.

My life as a high-powered computer consultant.

Removing Adware

I spent three hours yesterday and one today at a client site. Three quarters of that time was spent removing adware from two machines. One user’s machine was so bad that it was pretty much unusable; I spent over two hours on that machine alone. The adware that had installed itself was downloading additional malware every twelve hours, was removing the autoexec.nt file, and deleting random fonts. My two tools found 316 and 72 malware infections.

Because I like you, here’s some free advice.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Install both of these tools and use them weekly or so. Ask them to update their own files before you run them, and let them delete what they want. Your system will run much faster, and your surfing experience will be much nicer.

I took the picture with my new phone, FWIW. It’s a Treo 600. It does just about everything you can imagine (I paid way less than the web site suggests, ). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as a phone or internet node where I live; no GSM or GPRS coverage up here.

Hello, world. This is a test post from my phone.

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“We look around us in this country, and we see God’s work yet to be done,” Kerry said at the church. “That is what is bringing us here.”

While Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, and their families were having a “lite” lunch at Wendy’s in the Town of Newburgh Friday, drumming up local support right after the national convention in Boston, their real lunches were waiting on their bus.

I must say, I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of this election cycle. This guy is out-George-ing George, oozes elitist condesension, has no firm beliefs, yet hordes of liberals are lining up to vote for him. Can you even pretend he’s sincere?

At least he’s not George.