Kerning? Proportional font? Superscripted ordinals? Non-standard and unused rank abbreviations? No SSCI code? Non-standard military memo formatting? Non-matching signatures? And that’s just the mechanical stuff.

What I think is hysterical is that certain outlets (such as SFGATE) are still reporting this as news while others (AP) are conceding that these are, um, irregular. Gosh, they want these to be real… Not that these docs hold a candle to the swiftees or the VVAW stuff.

Nope, no bias here.

Bwa-ha-ha. Har. Hee, hee.

John; Bill, Hill, and Terry want you to lose. Hill won’t be in the right place in ’08 if you win. Not that you have a chance, but you’ll make a better showing if you stop taking their advice.

CBS; right up there with the NYT for credibility, aren’t you.