I’m in California this week.

I seem to have the Forgotten Lab to myself again, though it has been cleaned. My box o’ stapler is gone, but there are several staplers in the lab now. Someone removed the commemorative plaque from the machine that I dedicated to . Sorry, RH.

As requested, here are some pictures of Forgotten Lab.

Here it is from the outside, from both ends of the hall. The double doors hide the magnificent treasure troves of the Forgotten Labs.

FL Exterior 1

FL Exterior 2

Here’s the inside. These pictures are a little dark, but considering Forgotten Lab is only lit by flaming torches of mysterious origin attached to the walls, I think they came out rather well.

In this picture, you can see my regular place. The brown blobs next to the lit monitor are my coffee and breakfast. Have I mentioned before how utterly awesome the cafes here are? Sorry, I digress.

FL Interior 1

This is the other side of the lab, appearing out of the darkness. I feel like Howard Carter every gosh-darned time I open the door, as you can imagine.

The RH commemorative machine was the third from the left in the front row, FWIW.

FL Interior 2