This is my trusty steed. It’s a Goped Sport… I’ve had it for four or so years. It lives in my SF apartment since I have no place to ride it at home (it’s no good on dirt roads). There are few things more exciting than riding a motorized skateboard at high speeds through downtown rush hour traffic; I try to do so at least once during each trip out here.

My Goped isn’t stock; I’ve had quite a few mods put on it. I’ve put on every power-enhancing modification that doesn’t raise the noise output; porting, case stuffing, high-performance carb, a big heat sink to lower the engine temperature, a larger-diameter direct-drive spindle (not power enhancing, actually, but increases my speed on the flat). The guy I had do the work was skeptical of my requirement for minimum noise, but now he’s a believer and refers to my ride as the “stealth ‘ped”.

Depending on how I have the carburator tuned (well or poorly), my Goped will do about 35 mph on the flat and will climb rather steep hills. I do wear pads, gloves, and a helmet and am glad to say that while I have had to bail out a few times, I have not yet been injured riding, a big difference from my checkered foot-powered skateboarding career. Knock on formica.

It’ll go about twenty miles on a liter of gas… It’s a hoot pulling up to the pump to put in 53 cents worth of high-test.

I took this picture at Coit Tower, one of my favorite places in the city.


This is me doing something. I think I was underwater, maybe.

Me in the dark