Boston update… US authorities forced a light plane to land in San Antonio (**). Plane was registered to Afzal Hameed of Dover, Delaware. Hameed allowed the plane’s registration to expire in ’02. Somehow they got five people into the four-seater 172; four red Chinese and a ‘Mexican national’ pilot. Plane flew in from Mexico. The four red Chinese are somehow linked to the Boston dealie (you know, the one the authorities have been poo-pooing as a hoax despite the big-time reaction by law enforcement).

Hmm. So, where’s Hameed? How’d the illegal get the plane? Isn’t it a tiny bit odd that five illegals, four of whom are citizens of an aggressive expansionist communist regime but could legally enter the US with a straight-forward visa are illegally flying into the US in a plane owned in the US by someone with an arab name but somehow flying from Mexico into the US in the possession of an illegal alien? Gosh, forgive me; that treads dangerously close to profiling, doesn’t it? I’m sure there’s an obvious, simple, innocent explanation. Occam’s razor, and all that.

(**) Unusual proctographical correlation; Boston, Myassachusetts, and San Antonio, Texass. What does it mean?