Anyone else paying the slightest attention to this?

This is your government; or rather, the government under Janet Reno. A federal judge had said that the boy could stay until the legal issues were resolved, but the administration at the time wasn’t going to risk another Muriel-style boatlift for the sake of one six-year-old’s shot at freedom.

The fascists put up one hundred and fifty one agents to pluck the kid from his relatives and return him to the worker’s paradise. One hundred and fifty one agents.

The agents fully admit gassing passive bystanders, but claim the bystanders were gassed from fifteen to twenty feet away. The victims (the ones that weren’t turned over to communist Cuba, that is) claim that they were gassed from two feet away. Does it make a fucking shred of difference? One hundred and fifty one agents gassed unarmed citizens of the United States to kidnap a child that a Federal judge had said could stay.

Ayup. If Ashcroft had done this, people would be, um, upset. Reno did it, so, of course, it’s good and just.

Back to sleep, nothing of interest here.