I just set up critical incident support paging. Now when a client has a bad problem, they can send email to a certain account. The account will forward the email to my pager when it arrives, day or night, so I can deal with the problem immediately. Of course, I’ll bill them a critical incident support charge in addition to the billable hours to discourage frivolous use of the paging.

My only competition in the area is unavailable outside of normal working hours, Monday through Friday, and completely unavailable on the weekends. You can’t even page them; you leave voice mail for your ‘service coordinator’ and hope the person isn’t sick or on vacation. If your 24×7 factory goes down Friday at 5:05 and you’re relying on these guys, you’re down until 9:00 on Monday. Later, actually; nine is the earliest you can expect them to pick up the message.

I’m getting ready to lease a van for the company, primarily to serve as rolling advertising.

I told my existing client that I was getting ready to run print advertising and reminded him of the wonderful statement he made to me a few months ago regarding the service I provide; he said I could use the statement in ads (in fact, what he said was ‘say whatever you want’). So now I can say that the president of the state’s fastest growing manufacturer said that Divergent Technology is ‘great… You’re responsive, and you understand’.