August 2005

I just got back from my second neck injury/chest pain call of the day. This was a 17 yo kid with a BAC of .106; five times the legal limit for an adult. He had been in some weird car episode… No one else was hurt and his car was untouched. His story was nonsensical. He was found by a department member lying half in his car on the shoulder of the road. This was his second DUI… At seventeen!

We recently put a backboard, straps, and head blocks on our accident-response engine. Today, for the first time, we used the board. We had the patient packaged and ready to go by the time the ambulance was on scene. Go, us!

The down side is that we have to go to the hospital to retrieve our gear… I went to get it and had to cool my heels for an hour while the docs did whatever it is that they do.


Got the tags printed… Now I just have to assemble them. Thanks variously to and .

I have a second set of turnout gear now; the ‘new’ set is for my paid service. It’s nice gear; well used, though. It lives at the fire station; good thing since the trunk of my car is packed with gear as it is. It seems like that town is going to put me to use; the town administrator was looking for me several days ago to do some computer work for the municipality. Apparently they tried to get me on the dispatch frequency to come in and do some work on their network. I had the radio off (pagers on) so didn’t hear the call. I find it kind of amusing that the town would use the regional emergency dispatch system to get me to do computer work. Users always think computer problems are emergencies, but still. I wonder if they’ll still want me to work on their systems when they discover that may consulting rates are an order of magnitude higher than what they pay me for EMS work… I know the other companies they use, though, and my rates are comparable, so they shoud be able to deal. I’d like it if my EMS peers didn’t clue into my consulting rates, but we’ll see.

My vollie FD had a drill the other night regarding vehicle extrication. I got to use the jaws to cut off the roof of the car. Fun stuff. I set off a fire extinguisher in the trunk of my car afterwards while stowing my gear. The fire extingusher thing is getting to be a bad habit. I didn’t bother to clean up the dry chem; I just threw some hazmat towels in on top of the mess and put my gear on top. I’ll clean up some other month.

Had a weird call today… 20 year old female with neck injury and shortness of breath. She was in the shower, extended her neck to rinse her hair, heard/felt a pop. Excruciating pain in the neck, pain in chest on inspiration. Not sure what her deal was. She seemed like a nice person having a bad day; calm when I got there, burst into tears when she realized her day was shot. She got the whole immobilization dealie.

I dealt with an assault by baseball bat last week. The guy wasn’t too badly hurt but pretended he was; not sure why.

It’s off to the beach tomorrow night… Whee. I’m hoping to take a hang-gliding lesson this year; we’ll see.

I’m left wondering how we could find out what was on the book-request lists for the Soviet gulags or the Nazi extermination camps.

In other news, I’m glad to see Simon is finally getting back on the horse.

The idea is to Google your name and “is” in quotes (“Bob is”) and see what results you get, posting the most interesting and entertaining.

Here’s mine…

BX is a virus

BX is also widely known for its superior memory performance

BX is a mass-mailing worm and backdoor Trojan

BX is designed as a Multipath Gateway

BX is a 16-bit register

BX is a peat-based professional growing medium

Bx is true

BX is attractive

BX is committed to developing the bio-industry in Japan

BX is already zero

BX is just as tough, fast and inexpensive as the Evader ST that spawned it

BX is celebrating the first day of summer

BX is doomed

BX is simply one of the best ever