I just got back from my second neck injury/chest pain call of the day. This was a 17 yo kid with a BAC of .106; five times the legal limit for an adult. He had been in some weird car episode… No one else was hurt and his car was untouched. His story was nonsensical. He was found by a department member lying half in his car on the shoulder of the road. This was his second DUI… At seventeen!

We recently put a backboard, straps, and head blocks on our accident-response engine. Today, for the first time, we used the board. We had the patient packaged and ready to go by the time the ambulance was on scene. Go, us!

The down side is that we have to go to the hospital to retrieve our gear… I went to get it and had to cool my heels for an hour while the docs did whatever it is that they do.