Last year, I went to the UK on business and decided to go on ride-alongs with the Reading NHS service. I dropped them email before I left and they immediately agreed. Very informal.

When my upcoming UK travel was decided, I figured I should go observe in London. They were happy to hear my request but are a bit more formal. I had to send them a signed waiver of release, a signed ‘observer notes’ form agreeing not to turn the knobs or press the buttons unless I’m asked to, a copy of my malpractice insurance coverage, and a letter from my ‘service executive’ supporting my request.

I sent them PDFs of all of those things yesterday and mailed the originals. Today I heard back from them; I’ve apparently been accepted to observe next Saturday.

The London Ambulance Service does 3,000 calls a day. Should be interesting. The woman coordinating my observer shift says that crews do 8 – 16 calls per shift… That’s pretty much what I see in a month between my four services.

This month’s JEMS has a big article on London’s EMS response to the bombings. I’m going to take a copy to give to my crew.