I attended an incredibly boring four-hour class last night on the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System. I had to attend as ICS and NIMS training is mandatory for most emergency services staff in order for their departments to be eligible for future homeland security grants. These grants make a huge difference in the level of care that we provide.

The only reason I survived was because I sat next to another EMT who was even less enchanted than I and kept me somewhat amused.

In other news, I’m embroiled in EMS political shenanigans at the regional level. I’ve been coming across various bits of inequity and corruption since joining the regional EMS board as the representative for my primary squad; time has started to indicate that apparently unconnected events have a common thread. I kicked over the hive while in the UK by submitting written comments to the board meeting that I wasn’t able to attend. I had previously made verbal comments to the board that were largely ignored but apparently the board felt they could not gloss over my written comments. I knew I was on the right track when I had angry email the very next morning from a local police chief; someone had gifted him with a copy of my remarks within ten hours of their distribution.

I have various high-profile supporters in several town governments and several fire and EMS agencies so there’s a good chance I won’t have to join the witness protection program. Just for the record, though, I’m not feeling suicidal, I have a happy homelife, and I’m not planning any vacations by myself.