Love that sharia law…

UPDATE: Photos show ‘performance art’…

Very Disturbing photographs

Excuse the fuck out of me, but this isn’t right. I’m all for multiculturalism and supporting diversity (as anyone who knows me realizes). I’m not about moral relativism, though. These photographs depict a sick society. Sick. Sick.

Let’s all sit back and complain about trumped-up abuses at Abu Ghirab and Guantanimo. Let’s whine about interfering with quaint, wonderful customs. Let’s ignore the serious problem of real religious fanaticism that we, in our high-and-mighty moral superior way, have given the lives of our men and women to try and solve.

Complain all you like; Christianity is way benevolent compared to this crap. I don’t know a single person who’s ever been stoned by a mob or had a limb crushed or amputated by a christian court. Not one. I don’t know anyone who’s ever been affected by an honor killing, either.,3604,1605653,00.html

The caliphate had been around for 1,300 years before 1924? And what was there for the millenia before that, before Islam conquered? Judiasim and Christianity, that’s what. These religions were stamped out with extreme prejudice. Funny that we’re led to believe that the crusades were an attempt to take over the holy lands rather than an attempt to retrieve them. Sad that we as a society know so little of history that we’re so easy to manipulate.

As a commenter on one of the blogs discussing Fallaci’s situation asked, if an Italian woman can’t pitch a fit – in Italy! – what is the world coming to? The pessimistic answer, I suppose, would be: A place in which the forces of primitivism are winning battles against the force of reason. We can only hope they don’t win the war.