The scooter is in the mail; $80 to ship it to Vermont.


I had a lovely ‘last urban ride’ yesterday evening… I went up on the Haight, then over to Twin Peaks.

I love Twin Peaks though had never been there on scooter before. It was getting dark and the dusk colors of the city were coming out. Over there was downtown; the brightly lit line that is Market Street, the skyscrapers, and the Bay Bridge. Farther to the right were the flats of Mission. Over to the left was the darkness of the Presidio and the subdued redness of the Golden Gate bridge. One could see Marin, Angel Island, Alcatraz. It was quite clear and the whole of the bay area glittered like a bag of diamonds. Wonderful.

After leaving Twin Peaks, I rode down and down into Noe Valley. My new(ish) scooter has disk brakes; just the ticket for steep SF streets. I rode from Noe Valley down into the Mission, down to Market and Valencia, then back to Noe Valley. I was waiting for the scooter to run out of gas; I had started with about half a tank of gas. It took forever; finally the engine starved in Noe Valley. I had planned it fairly well; I was able to use gravity to get me and my scooter back to the apartment.

Shortly the scooter and I will start a new phase; trail scootering.