Where did you travel from for MM? San Francisco, CA.
Did you stay overnight? Yes
Was this your first MM? No
If No, when/where was your first MM? Number one. I’m a plank owner.
Did you wear a Walken pin? Yes
What movies did you watch all the way through? None.
What movies did you watch part of? Several.
What was your favorite food served? Lasagnia, Guac, Pumpkin cookies, Sierra Nevada Porter.
Meet any new people? Yes
Which room did you spend the most time? Hard to say.
Intoxicants ingested? This and that. Beer and cookies, anyway.
Best hug? Welcome hug from Mike.
Young Walken or older Walken? Detached dancin’ Walken.
Funniest moment? Chronocopria, maybe.
Tell us about your hat: Bubble wrap on head.
Favorite movie watched: Um. Kind of really liked Basquiat except that somehow the film does not feel period. I’ll have to watch it again. Of course, Weapon of Choice.
Worst movie: Oh.
Movie(s) you missed that you now plan to rent/borrow/see: Illuminata. Biloxi Blues. Weapon of Choice. A couple of others.
Total hours of sleep between 8 p.m. Friday and midnight Sunday (official moviethon span): 13
How many movie marathons (exactly or approximately) have you attended? 30?
What was your favorite ‘thon (or what are some of your favorite ‘thons)? Yes. Number one is really the only one I can identify by number.
Have you ever had sex at a movie marathon? Yes.
What structured but non-movie-watching social activities (i.e., other than conversation: games, making music, etc.) did you engage in? Hattery
If you could change one thing about movie marathon or its present venue on Irving St, what would it be? Move it 250 miles north.