February 2006

The marketing letters went in the mail yesterday… I just received my first call resulting from the mailing.


Interesting article regarding employer-funded healthcare.


See http://www.bugmenot.com for credentials.

I do tend to disagree; I do think that it is the employer’s responsibility to care directly for the employee’s health. Supertech has medical and dental; he has a copay but the company completely covers the monthly fees. The new guy (starts Monday) will have benefits after two months. I also think it is the responsibility of the employer to house employees; for now, though, I’ll just pay them. I do agree with the argument that employer-provided plans for most services result in less choice for the employee and a less optimal fit for almost everyone. The other side of the argument, it would seem, is that in the absence of employee-provided plans, most people would probably choose to spend the cash rather than paying for health insurance. The employer is left to act as the parent.

I do not think that this in any way conflicts with my inherent conservatism. It is *not* the role of the government to provide health care or other individual services to any entity. It is the role of the individual entity to care for itself. The business relies on the health, morale, and loyalty of the employee. The employer, then, owes a ‘social obligation’ to the employee on several levels, self-interest being one of the levels.

I had a disagreement with Supertech over dental. The plan we presently have (i.e., can afford) covers preventative but only really is useful if you get hit in the mouth with a baseball or suffer other catastrophic injury. ST didn’t feel that it made sense for the company to provide such a benefit; not that he wanted the money, he was just willing to forego the coverage . Risk-adverse me (heh) pointed out that should ST get hit in the mouth with a baseball, he’d want to get it fixed.

ST is a thoughtful fellow. At first he seemed to be pretty liberal but it seems he is teetering on the brink of conservatism. I’ll be there to provide a solid push.

I sent out one hundred three-page marketing letters today… Actually, five pages; two of the pages are front and back. I will send another hundred within a week; the biggest thing holding me back is that I ran out of business cards… I’ve been putting two into each mailing. I’ve recently modified the logo although the next set of cards will be straight reprints of the last since I need them in a hurry. I will be redoing the rest of my stationary (letterhead and envelopes) in a few weeks and these will have the new logo. Shipping labels already use the logo. We’re having mousepads done soon and they also will have the new logo; in fact, I came up with the ‘stacked with bar’ logo while working on the mousepad design.

The barcode says ‘Swell!’

I feel like running out of my initial stock of stationary is a sort of victory; I’ve been around long enough as an incorporated entity to exhaust my start-up supply.

I have a largish programming project pending with a client that is very interested in streamlining the data flow though their business. I made a tactical error and sent them a task breakdown with a bottom line of 300 hours; in retrospect, I will never again deliver a proposal except in person. I know that I can sell them the solution in person; it will enhance their operations in numerous ways that they haven’t even thought of. They know they need it, too, but are afraid of making the decision; while they have been putting off a meeting to discuss the proposal for two weeks, they paid the invoice for the proposal, a thousand bucks, quite promptly.

Crazy world, huh? It seems that anymore, everything comes back to Islam.

I mean, sure, the ports thing. I’m sure it has nothing to do with anything. Now that Jimmy “Let’s give away the canal we built” Carter has come out in support of it, I feel much better. Not really. Interesting news regarding Dubai and the world of Islamic financing.


For those not familiar with Ms. Malkin, she’s a conservative blogger; a bit more balanced than Ms. Coulter, IMHO.

And, yeah, the cartoons. Again, nothing. None of the MSMs have shown the cartoons to my knowledge; why is that? Even Fox! Fox did briefly show the cartoons when Michelle Malkin brought them in on posterboard and presented them on livish TV. So, that was what, fifteen seconds? Why do we respect the religion of peace over any other religion in this country? Okay, we know that Fox is 5% owned by a Saudi… ( http://www.aim.org/press_release/4222_0_19_0_C ) What about the rest of them? They can take courageous stands on other things, but not the protection of freedom of speech?

And now this; Yahoo! won’t let you sign up if your chosen name contains the sequence ‘allah’.


Oh, and I see that some naturalized Americans in Toledo who just happened to be (can you guess?) Muslim were arrested for planning terrorism. Thank McGargle for NSA wiretaps. (Hey, you know what? Poeple rarely call me from overseas. Any you know what else? When they do call, it’s okay if the NSA listens!)

All of this crap has me teetering dangerously close to ‘Islamophobia’. Did I ever relate the story of the Muslim friend of a friend at Red Menace I spoke to after 9/11? My friend (a non-muslim indian) had said his friend was nervous about the reaction of Americans after the 9/11 attacks. I ran into this person with my friend at a Red Menace 9/11 event; this maybe happened on 9/13. I told him that I felt bad for his discomfort and that I knew that Americans would not hold the actions of a few extremists against his co-religionists. The guy wouldn’t look at me, didn’t smile, had nothing to say in return about how he maybe felt bad for those that died, and refused to shake my hand. At the time, I thought the guy was just really nervous. Anymore, I can’t help but think he had, shall we say, mixed feelings. Concerned for his own skin but perhaps in ideological agreement with the murdering hypocrites that used our open and accepting way of life to kill over 3,000 of us. In agreement with the 40% of British Muslims who want sharia law there ( http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=259552006). In agreement with the Lebanese guy in New Hampshire who felt that his religious law trumped US law ( http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=Court+says+American+divorce+trumps+Islamic+one&articleId=68dd403e-76c3-4bdd-8906-af7259434ccb ). In agreement with the Quebec Muslims who attempted to get Sharia implemented there.

All of this gets really old. Really, really old.

While everyone whines over the eighteeen hour delay over reporting a non-fatal hunting accident, not to emergency services, not to the cops, but to the media, serious issues go relatively unreported. The government of UAE, proud owners of what used to be CSX, is poised to take over operating control of six eastern ports; New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia.

Sure, Carter and Clinton were responsible for both ends of the Panama canal being given over to the red Chinese (in the form of Hutchison Whampoa). Still, this is craziness.

I’ve called the White House. You can, too.

Awesome music tie-in.


I can’t help it… Everytime I hear or see the phrase ‘cartoon violence’ this image of an anvil dropping on Wile E. Coyote pops into my head. *Bonk!*

This picture is from my recent ice rescue class and shows me wrassling a fake victim onto the ice with the help of an inflatable device and a shore-based rope team. The orange thing strung around my neck is a set of nifty retractable ice picks.

The training organization has given me permission to use this picture in my upcoming press release, ‘Local Firm Supports Public Safety.’