April 2006

I worked at my paid department last night. I don’t usually work there on Thursdays but they were short a person.

I didn’t have any calls… I did finally get to train on the new quint, though.

This is the quint. I’m running the ladder from the bucket. This is on the way down; the ladder is almost fully retracted. The ladder is 85′ when fully extended. Added to the ten or so feet of the truck, the bucket is way up there when extended.

This is a little blurry. I’m the one with the hat.

This is, too. You can see the ‘monitor’ on the front of the bucket; this device will put out 1200 gallons of water a minute.

My instructor was really pleased with my technique and said that I am going to be an excellent ladder operator.

We also did a ‘ghetto lay’ drill. Here I am dragging line through the municipal building.

These pictures were taken by Andy Vinopal, the lieutenant on duty last night. Thanks, Andy!





This is my first locked post ever.

This is why.