Here are some more pictures from the weekend.

Old Mill Pond

This is Old Mill Pond in Windsor. It rained really hard all weekend. We went up to the pond a few times to make sure the dam looked okay.

Mill Brook Dam

This is the dam below Old Mill Pond.


An ad-hoc scoreboard on my behalf. LOM/LOL refers to ‘Little Old Man/Little Old Lady’. It’s well known in the department that LOL’s LOL (land on linoleum) during my shifts.

Gordon, Andy, and Pat at MAH

Gordon, Andy, and Pat at the ED early Sunday morning. Pat, Andy, and I had just brought up a drunk and head-injured-thus-combative teenager and three drunk friends. The ED staff was not happy with us.

The 'help it up' kit

One of our frequent flyers is a sweet old lady who used to weigh about four hundred pounds but now weighs about 300. I happened to see her nekkid on Sunday morning, a sight that none of my coworkers have seen. My colleagues at the FD felt I might need some help for the next few months. They made up this kit and taped it inside my locker.

The 'help it up' kit, back

The kit contains a Cuervo ad, some pictures of half nekkid women, some popsicle sticks, some rubbber bands, some tape, and a tourniquet. I was admonished not to leave the rubber bands on too long.

–> O1, Bxiie, O2

This is O1, me, and O2 Sunday evening. The kids were happy to see me. Gosh, I look tired.