Here I am…  My new home.  It’s not much yet; needs a little paint, some furniture.  Sure.  But it has great potential and a very nice location.

I’ve copied my old posts over from Live Journal.  The export/import process worked pretty well; it did remove the LJ-specific tags, though.  This means that cuts don’t work and that anyplace I referred to a user by their LJ name with the <lj user=”foo”> syntax the name has been removed.  This makes reading some of the old posts confusing.  I guess it would have been better if the tags had been removed but the name been left in place…  The process also removed all of the YouTube links.  Kind of a drag, but oh, well.

I didn’t write the import/export routines and I got them for free; I guess I can’t really complain.  I’m really happy that I was able to migrate the posts; I really didn’t want to lose the five years of posts and also really wanted to have them all in the same place. 

Why am I moving from LJ?  Several reasons. 

My first reason is related to business.  As I grow my business, I need to start blogging about the stuff I do and sell to increase traffic to my various sites and services (i.e., in SEO-speak, this blog will function somewhat as a ‘PR-pumper’ site).  For this reason, you can expect me to start including posts regarding cardiology, firefighting, malware, and information technology diffferently than in the past.  Specifically, in addition to blogging about my experiences and observations, I will start to include information and commentary about different products, services, and trends related to my various lines of business.  Of course, this will not be complete advertising spam but rather informative pieces regarding these topics.  Some of my usual and current readers may find some of these interesting; I hope so.  The bottom line is that I need to establish a larger presence on teh interwebs to wave traffic towards my embryonic sites;,, and

A second reason is that I’m interested in knowing more about my traffic patterns.  I suspect that I have more readers than I realize; LiveJournal does not give any usage information while WordPress does.  Perhaps this is a vain reason; so be it.  I have been very interested to see the limited statistics that Flickr provides; my recent West Windsor fire pictures have been viewed 901 times in the week and a half since I posted them.  I’d like to have at least similar visibility into what goes on with my written rubbish.

A third reason is that LiveJournal is, perhaps, not a good neighborhood.  WordPress is.  WordPress is home to many legitimate bloggers while LiveJournal is not.  It’s like running a blog from MySpace or FaceBook; in my opinion, such a venue saps legitimacy from one’s content. 

 There is no way to hide the fact that one is a LiveJournal blogger; at best, you can have your username assigned as a hostname at LiveJournal;  WordPress gives you that sort of subdomain name for free; for ten bucks a year, you can use your own URL.  If I like it here and decide to stay, I can direct my existing (unused) domain straight to my blog for ten bucks a year.

I’ll continue to participate in LiveJournal with my friends but will post new content here.  For now, I’ll update LJ when I have a post over here.

I guess I should go back through and categorize all of my old entries.  Seems like a daunting task.