I haven’t made a substantial post in a while. I’ve had a lot going on of late between this and that. Busy.

I worked on an overdose two weeks ago that was interesting… I will try to write that up over the weekend. Recert misery update, check. Stuck in the snow in the tanker last weekend, check. Umm.

It seems to me I was on something else interesting lately… Dunno. I know there were a fair amount of calls on last weekend’s shift, but mostly they run together.


AEDs, they are everywhere. This is in DHMC, the regional center, on some patient floor. That’s a Philips something. FR2+? You’d think that there’s a whole defibrillator within five hundred feet, anyway, but they seem to have AEDs every fifty feet. Or something. Hey, eat at Joe’s. http://cardiacsupply.com.


We’re standing outside a patient’s door in an assisted living facility. The patient is pretty okay, but has the same thing that has been going through town. They are going potty. Unfortunately, the patient is a little dehydrated and will require an IV, an intermediate intervention. My partner escapes having to tech the vomity-diarrhea patient.


We’re at the local hospital, securing the helipad for an aeromedical transfer from the emergency room. The fire department comes and blocks the area outside of the ED with an engine on one end and an ambulance on the other.


You can see the ambulance in the center of this shot. The fire truck is out of the frame to the left. It’s breezy, what with that big fan.


The helicopter crew will spend some time preparing the patient for this long flight. A transient shortage of hospital beds regionally means this patient will need to fly ninety miles or so.

That’s all for now.