I sent my paperwork off to the National Registry a few days ago. This is step two of my three step recertification process. Thankfully it only happens every other year.

For some reason, in order to recert as an Intermediate in Vermont, you have to take the Basic written. I was a little nervous since, for procedural reasons, I had never taken the Vermont EMT-Basic exam before… The test is notoriously bogus (‘choose the least incorrect response’); I was pretty nervous about it. I did fine on the practicals; AED/CPR, Medical (dyspnea), and Trauma (construction accident) stations. The preliminary happy letter came and said that I got 89% on the written. Nice.

Then I had to fill out a form listing the date, place, and course ID of my DOT-compliant and state-certified refresher training program (RTP). I took the RTP out of state at SOLO (in New Hampshire) but I had called the state EMS office and received advance permission to use the SOLO RTP for my Vermont recert.

So far I have called the Vermont state office at least five times and the New Hampshire EMS office three times to make sure I am doing the process right.

The form also had to be completed with the date and hours of at least 24 hours of Basic-level continuing education (I had 29) and sixteen hours of Intermediate-level continuing education (I listed 21.5). Then I had to get the form signed by my primary squad’s training officer. Then I had to get the form signed by my district medical officer, a doctor at a local hospital. I actually work in two districts in Vermont, 11 and 9. For Vermont recert purposes, I use district 11 as my primary district (I run with two volunteer squads in district 11).

Then I mailed off that form. Several days later, I got my Vermont ‘happy letter’; the letter that arrives a few weeks before the actual card to tell one that one has, in fact, been recerted.

Then I got to fill out the National Registry application. For the purposes of this application, my primary district is district 9. I run with one volunteer and one paid squad in this district, and I have to keep my National Registry current in order to get my New Hampshire certification; I need the NH card to work for my paid department which transports patients from two states.

The NR form needs to be signed by a district medical officer and a squad training officer; these were two different people than on the Vermont state application. I needed to list 36 hours of continuing education, I was able to list 64.5 hours. Some of the training hours are not applicable on one or more applications. Then I needed to fill out a form containing a list of topics and hours required with the dates I took the training and the training format. Then I had to attach copies of ten different certificates and letters to prop up the hours claimed.

I got that form done Sunday evening and it went out on Monday.

Hopefully I’ll get my NR card, then can apply for the New Hampshire card. I think if my application is postmarked by the 31st I will be okay. My NR and NH certs expire on that day; as long as I have the NR card and have sent the application, there should be no lapse in status. The New Hampshire form is easier; I will need to include just a copy of my NR card and the signature of a fifth person (my paid department chief).