1555: Per dispatch channel, the local ambulance and rescue squad have been called to stage for 401 Center of Town Road in Plainfield, NH, the Brown residence, for a 58 year old male overdosing with a morphine drip. They are specifically calling for Narcan, a narcotic blocker.

1600: Windsor ambulance off at staging.

1605: Cornish rescue one cleared to the patient per police department, ambulance to remain in staging.

1611: Cornish rescue one off on scene.

1613: Cornish rescue one asks for ambulance, all other units to remain in staging.

1615: Cornish reports scene under control, awaiting arrival of ambulance.

1618: Windsor ambulance off on scene.

1632: “500A to 501…” Police radio traffic on wrong channel?

1642: Windsor Ambulance 1 will be transporting one to Mount Ascutney Hospital (Windsor, VT).

1644: Cornish rescue clearing scene, Windsor ambulance to transport momentarily.

1658: Dispatch calls ambulance 1, checking status. A1 reports it has been in route to MAH.

1705: Windsor ambulance 1 off at MAH, ending mileage 10.4.