I do miss my hat.


It was a really nice long pointed winter hat. I bought it at a ski area in the Poconos in Winter ’93/’94. It was name-brand item though you’d never know it. It was warm. I loved its pointy nature.

I guess it’s really gone. The last time I saw it was in October, when I went away to Conway to take my 24-hour DOT-compliant state-approved EMT-B refresher. I wore it last there, then switched to my ‘inmate hat’, a very soft hood that rolls up into a disturbing bit of headgear, but more appropriate in the ‘working’ situation that outdoor training at SOLO represents.

Maybe I should call up there and see if it is in the lost and found.

OMG UPDATE: In a stunning coincidental turn of events, I found my hat *this morning*!!!  It was in a turnout gear bag in the garage.  I got out the bag to get ready to go to my nephew’s party where I will be performing a fire safety demonstration this weekend.  I can only guess that I threw my hat in the bag while preparing for a brush fire at the end of last season.  In any event, my hat is back!  Hooray!