I found out that my paperwork has been accepted by the NREMT and that I have apparently been reregistered. NREMT was really the last hurdle in my overall recertification process although there are still a few steps that must be completed.


I guess they don’t update the expiration date until the current card date is reached. I know that I’ve been reregistered for this year rather than, say, a year and a half ago since for the past several days, the ‘Re-registration Status’ has been ‘Forms received but not reviewed’. So I guess this means I’m recerted.

Once I get my card, I have to send off the application for the New Hampshire recertification. This recert is based on the National Registry, so I just have to send in a ‘legible copy’ of my card when it arrives. I still do need to get the signature of the chief of my paid department on the application… That shouldn’t be hard.

UPDATE: The page now says my expiration date is 3/31/09…  I guess that confirms it, then.