I have this habit, I think, of writing a long narrative, posting it, and then posting two or three stupid things right after.

I’m coming to the conclusion that if I’m going to post more than one thing in a day that I should post the ‘meatiest’ thing last. That is, I should post the item that I’d like to generate the most traffic last. I get the impression that with the exception of my LiveJournal friends (hello!), people only look at the latest thing on the feed. This seems to mean that some items which I think will generate a lot of traffic do nothing in terms of spiking my feed stats, while stupid throwaway things get looked at a lot.

I think this may lessen my repeat visitors, too, in that someone will see my blog on a directory somewhere and check it out; the first item is something completely disinteresting to everyone other than my RL friends; the visitor does not come back.

I think what I should do is post the triviata first, then the good posts. Actually, I’m writing this soon after posting my last thing but will keep it in drafts until tomorrow evening to try and see if my hypothesis is correct.

As far as I’m concerned, the good stuff here is narrative accounts and pictures about public safety. If you look at my blog and I don’t know you in RL (and maybe if I do), I’m sure you agree. Everything else is just housekeeping and filler.