Last night (this morning, really) I dreamt that I responded late to a smoke investigation. When I arrived on the scene, the chief told me that the FNG was in the attic and could I go up there, and that there had been a little fire downstairs but it was out now and that there had been no extension. So I went up the stairs in street clothes and without SCBA and crawled through this small but long and twisty passageway into the attic. When I got to the attic I said hello to FNG (who was also in street clothes) and noticed that there was light haze. I pulled up a piece of plywood to see that there was, in fact, extension and that significant flames were right below us. We did not have a hose line. I turned back to the passageway and saw that the floor was burning through. I realized that I was going to have to let/make FNG go first and that there might well not be time for him to get out, let alone me. I was just starting to tell him to get going when the real life phone rang, waking me.