How weird is that? If you go to Wikipedia and search for ‘Minutemen’, you get some quasi-supportive discussion of freaky redneck farmers shooting at the government. Not even a mention of the band by the same name. I mean, which is more important, some violence-loving antisocial agrarians from 200+ years ago or a seminal band from the 80’s? Not even a reference to the band from that page.

Okay, they do have a few pages on the band.

I saw ‘We Jam Econo’ last night. It was very good. There were a lot of interesting interviews and many people said some pretty profound things, not just about punk rock or the Minutemen, but about life in general. I’d recommend the movie.

My friend Scott loaned me the DVD. Scott and I go way back; he was in a band with a very good friend of mine back in the early 90’s. Scott moved to SF from Philadelphia in the late 90’s and has been there ever since except for a yearly pilgrimage back to Philly. Scott has been living in the hotel that I am staying at for six or seven years. The day I arrived, he was coming out of the hotel as I was coming in and he recognized me immediately. He says I haven’t changed much. He hasn’t either.

We hung out for several hours on Sunday night for the first time. He was fun to talk to and was able to fill me in on what has happened to many people that I knew from Philly back in the day.

Scott really likes SF. He said that it and Philly have a lot in common but that SF is not as harsh as Philly is. He said that when he moved to SF, he felt a little like he had retired.