I’m still here.

My camera is broken. It’s not really broken, so much as unusable. You see, I usually keep it lanyarded around my neck, resting in a chest pocket. Sometimes, though, I’m wearing a shirt that does not have a pocket.

I’ve been carrying my lumbar pack lately. This pack is one of my favorite possessions. It is a Mountainsmith Day. I’ve had it for a really long time; I bought it in North Conway while attending my very first WFR course at SOLO. I’ve gotten good use out of it. It’s big and carries a lot; with the addition of a padded waistband accessory (now part of the basic model), the pack carries a rediculous amount of cargo as a lumbar pack. It also has a shoulder strap for slinging or while putting on the waistbelt. The only thing it doesn’t have is a way to organize the main pocket; I’m planning to get one or two BDU organizers to address this shortcoming.

Anyway, I don’t have a car right now (except for occasional ZipCar usage) so the lumbar pack is taking over the job of personal organizer from the front seat of my car.

The camera spent a day or two kicking around in the front pocket of my lumbar pack and now has dust between the lenses. The dust moves around when you bump the camera but can’t be removed from photographs. Pictures are unusable for the most part. The last few sets in my Flickr account show what little I’ve been able to retain as usable.

So, $85 bucks to fix it. Sheesh.