So, I looked on Google and then IMDB, and this person Ben Kingsley was in like eighty-five different things and I haven’t seen any of them. I’m so sheltered.

Anyway, I was walking down the street and noticed this tag. I had been party to a conversation several days earlier in which the so-called Ben Kingsley tagger was mentioned. I hadn’t yet seen a Ben Kingsley tag until I saw this box.

I really like the way the silver paint works with the red of the box. It was, I’m sure you realize, even better in person.

The box was repainted the day after I took this picture.

(UPDATE: Very interesting… It seems that the WordPress software somehow breaks on long words? The word ‘conversation’, above, clearly visible in the edit page, is cut off, in Firefox, Opera, and IE, like this…



Anyway, I’m telling you, I typed it right.


So, there.)

UPDATE: Turns out the word wrap issue was caused by using the WordPress editor in Opera. I’d been trying it out and in some ways it is a good browser, but it doesn’t seem to handle forms, even simple ones, very well. I also note that after editing this entry using Firefox, the word wrapping has corrected itself.