August 2007

Testing out my new rig.

I’ve got my old convertible set up for my trip out west.  It’s got mapping software with a GPS, a war-driving program for wireless network detection and logging, also integrated with the GPS, software for uploading pictures to my Flickr account, and offline blogging software (Windows Live Writer). 

I’m presently using the blogging software; I’ve used it before, in Dallas, when my connectivity was intermittent.  It works pretty well.

Enough of this; I have a million things to do before I leave, not to mention another 12 or so hours of reg’lar work work.



My paid department went out early Friday to a structure fire. I wasn’t there; I don’t carry a pager for that department since I live in a different town. I got up to go with my volunteer department to go deal with a frequent flyer of the psych variety who believed that they had been struck by lightning inside their house. It seemed, after arriving on scene, that there really wasn’t anything wrong and that the resident really just wanted us to walk their dog. Annoying. In any event, the fire was going at the same time and so I heard about it on the dispatch channel while dealing with our scene.

The responding firefighters did a great job; they saved half of the wood-frame building. This second picture may convey the difficulty and excellence of the save.


I know, my blogging volume is way down. I’ve been incredibly busy for the past few months. Things should straighten out by late September.

I leave Wednesday PM for Burning Man. I’ll be driving out. A long drive each way, four days each, but I’m looking forward to it.

The Philly Folkfest is going on this weekend.  This is the first time in eleven years that I haven’t volunteered or attended.

Pictures, as promised.


Springfield, Vermont, was chosen to host the premier of the Simpsons movie based on a video produced by locals and some kind of online balloting. I was out of town when the selection was made but I was detoured through town during the event on my way back home from the airport. The following day O1 and I were out and about. The movie decorations were still up.

CIMG7880 CIMG7881
CIMG7884 CIMG7883

Sunny and hot.