I got a late start even though I left right on time.

Well, actually, I left thirty minutes behind schedule, the first time. I got as far as Bennington, seventy miles, and decided the truck was overloaded. I drove home and spent the next few hours winnowing and repacking. I was able to eliminate the generator and the four 4’x4’x3/4″ sound baffles.

I got back on the road about 18 hours behind schedule.


This is the truck after it was repacked.

I drove almost straight through to St. Louis; 1140 miles in about 22 hours including stops. I slept for about two hours in a rest area in Ohio.

At the rest area, I saw the first group that appeared to be traveling to Burning Man.

On Friday afternoon, I arrived at Rozebud’s, about two hours after Peregrin8 and Cyntergomes left. P & C were traveling from Washington, D. C.; we had planned to meet in St. Louis and caravan the rest of the way after a night with Rozebud and Mike. I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with Rozebud; Mike had to work. I got an early start the next morning and drove 1340 miles to someplace in Utah where I met up with P & C. This leg took about 26 hours including stops; I had a 4 hour nap in a rest area in Wyoming.


Here we are at our meeting.

We caravaned the rest of the way, stopping at a few places to get out and look around.


Bonneville Salt Flats.

We spent the night in a motel in Winnemucca, Nevada.

On Monday, I got up and drove to Reno. I ran a few errands and then went and picked up Mr. Darkness at the airport. We drove back out to Fernley where we met up with P & C before driving the remaining 90 or so miles to Black Rock City. Traffic on the two lane road was heavy but smooth and we arrived at the city after two hours of driving through the magnificent desert. We queued on the road for quite some distance but the line was quickly absorbed into the city.