After arriving and setting up camp on Monday evening, I left Black Rock City early Tuesday morning to go back to Reno. I had the 5000 mile service done on my truck (conveniently emptied of cargo) and ran a few more errands, being slightly inconvenienced by some closed roads; the President of the United States had decided to visit Reno on this particular day. I found a county campground and had a shower, arriving at the Reno airport with just a few minutes before RabidKitten’s arrival.

RabidKitten had no checked bags so we went out to the truck and made our way to the parking exit. The Reno airport has a parking arrangement where you take your ticket to a kiosk in the parking lot and pay the ticket; you then put the ticket in a slot at the exit gate and the gate lets you out. We were trapped right inside the exit gate for about twenty minutes while the President of the United States made his way onto the airfield. The ticket value had increased by the time we were allowed out of the airport which had the potential to be annoying; I called the attendent and outright refused to pay the difference and they finally agreed and let me out for the amount paid.

We went grocery shopping and bought, among other things, 40 gallons of water. Then we drove to Fernley and up towards Black Rock City.

On the way, Rabid suggested that we stop for a bit to get out and look around. At an intersection in the middle of nowhere, we drove off down a desolate road towards some cove on Pyramid Lake. After about three and a half miles, the gravel road started getting sandy and then turned into sand. At first the sand was packed but it quickly became soft. Before I knew it, I was bogged down in sand, more than three miles off the road in the middle of nowhere.

I tried to gun and rock the truck out; I succeeded only in getting the rear wheels buried to the hubs.

Rabid went off to pick up litter along the beach while I puttered. I was not willing to face the hassle of hiking back to the road, getting to a town, and finding someone to somehow drag out the truck.

Inconveniently, I had removed a shovel from the truck that very morning. I was happy to have some tools and a drill; I removed the plywood side panels and got to work digging out the tires with my hands and a few bits of scrap wood that Rabid found on the beach. After about an hour’s digging and several attempts I managed to back the truck out of the hole onto the side panels. By replacing the side panels in front of the tire in the direction of travel, we were able to get the truck to where the four-wheel-drive was able to gain enough traction to move without the boards.

We were relieved. We went for a walk on the beach before heading on to Black Rock City.

CIMG8960 CIMG8961




These pictures were taken towards the end of the process and show the tires dug out. I was not able to overcome my horror enough to take pictures earlier on.