Six months ago, I signed up for a free service from Jott. It’s an interesting premise; you set up contacts to Jott to, then call this number on your phone. It asks you who you want to Jott, then allows you to record some speech. When you hang up, the speech is transcribed by computer and emailed, along with a link to the audio, to the recipient. You can, of course, Jott yourself. It only transcribes the first ten seconds or so which would make it useful for short notes or to-dos.

I used it a little to leave myself notes. The transcription was, eh, so-so.

Jott upgraded their transcription software recently and it has made a huge difference. These examples are cut out of a summary email and, in three of four cases, are exactly what I said. The summary lists recent Jotts in reverse order which is how they are ordered here.

  • Go by the Army Navy Store Monday morning on the way to the camera shop and see if they have EMT pants with […].
  • Pickup camera at Adolph Gasser Monday morning.
  • Schedule truck service.
  • Testing testing. I’m checking out the transcription to if its better.

The last example (which was actually the first recorded) is missing one word (‘see’), one apostrophe, and one comma. Still, I’m impressed.