June 2008


Jeff Katchem examines O2’s head. Jeff has the dubious distinction of being the only medical practitioner (so far) to have repaired both offspring; stitches in O1 a few months ago, staples in O2 on Friday.




This is an experimental thing that I did playing with stuttering vocal effects.  What I learned from this experiment ended up in ‘OrlHstry (with drums)’; the effect on the oral history recordings.

It’s ambientish, don’t expect too much from it.  It’s kind of hypnotic, though, and I’m told it’s oddly compelling.



Public safety personnel watch as a capsized canoeist floats down the river.


Just kidding. LT McClown confers with a police officer at the scene of a minor school bus accident.

A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco. I hooked up with Adam Watson. He and I used to share a band, XenophoN. We hadn’t played music together for about 15 years. We spent a few evenings jamming and threw together a song based on our noodlings.

OrlHstry (with drums)

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