It took forever to get DSL in my Zeitgeist room.  At times over the past year and a half, I have considered that my room may be electronically jinxed (for example, cell phones do not ring in my room) and that broadband access may just not be possible.  I have tried numerous ways to get service; nothing worked.  I finally made an appointment with some idiot telephone company to bring DSL into my room.

I won’t bore you with the complete blow-by-blow of the install process.  Some highlights include;

– Telco showing up four days early for the install (I was at lunch with the boys in Hanover, NH, when they called to get into my SF place)

– Telco failing to show up or call during the four-hour window on the real, actual scheduled date

– Telco failing to show up of call during the four-hour window on the rescheduled date

– Approximately five hours of telephone time with thirty or so people in several departments to get things schedued, rescheduled, properly mailed, properly acknowledged

– Telco showing up two hours early for the second rescheduled appointment (I was at work; thankfully they were willing to wait ’til I could get home)

– The workmanship on the install was so-so

On the plus side, the tech, when he arrived, did get the circuit up and running.

So, now I have broadband.  Now I’m waiting for the router to catch on file.