I had a good weekend, all in all.

Friday was the opening night of Lebowskifest.  I had waited too long to purchase tickets and thye show sold out.  I went over anyway and managed to scalp a ticket for the face value…  This made me very happy.  Standing in line to get in, I realized that I was carrying my lock blade and that the club might frown on this.  In order to avoid any problems, I made my way home again to drop it off.  This made me late for the show but had the fortuitous effect of placing me in my roomn during the minor earthquake.  I’m pretty sure that I would not have felt the quake if I had not been sitting down in a quiet place.  I did, however, realize what I was feeling immediately.

I made it back over to the club too late for the opening acts but did get to see the headliner and the show I was most interested in; the Extra-Action Marching Band.  The band was even more awesome than I was expecting.  Most of the act was performed from within the crowd making for a very intense and energetic experience.  They are playing in the city on Thursday and I’m planning to go see them again.

I stayed for about half of the movie (‘The Big Lebowski’, of course) and then went over to the club where my friend Scott DJs on Friday nights.  I made it there in time for the last two or three songs and then headed back over to Zeitgeist.  We hung out with a mutual friend on my floor.  The friend apologetically noticed that I could not dance and so spent quite some time teaching me goth dancing techniques; the desultory ‘goth kick’, the wrist sniff, the lightbulb replacement.  And others.

I went to bed late and spent much of Saturday sleeping.  In the afternoon I got up and went grocery shopping, then went back to my room and worked on programming tasks.

Sunday I went a did laundry, then went for a walk.  I walked ten and a half miles from my place, over the Golden Gate Bridge, to Sausalito, in about three hours.  I took a ferry back to the city.