I’ve been having a pleasant last few days.  Last night, in particular, was excellent.

I’ve been working on a set of APIs in Perl at work.  I like Perl, but it has taken me a few weeks to gain enough understanding of the project requirements, the project subject matter, and the existing code base to actually produce anything.  Over the past few days, the knowledge and design have reached critical mass and I’ve started coding the solution…  Or at least a strong prototype of a solution…  We’ll see.

I get my best coding done at home, alone, with the shades drawn and the lights out.  Yesterday afternoon I wound up my usual schedule of research surfing, blogging, and daydreaming and set off for home to get some real work done.  Once home, I worked on my programming for several hours and made lots of progress. I got dinner (gardenburger and home fries) from the Z bar.  When I went to the bar to get a beer, the bartender (who I had not seen in several days) greeted me warmly and gave me a one on him (Hunters Point Porter…  Yum!).  I took my food and beer back up to my room to keep working as I ate.

I had to stop early (around nine) to walk over to a local club where the Extra Action Marching Band was to play.

I got to the club and spoke with the doorman.  I did not realize that tickets were being sold in advance for this event and so was expecting to buy a ticket at the door.  The doorman apologetically told me that the show was sold out.  He said, though, that the EAMB would be going on around 11:30 and that if I came back at 11:15 or so they might, might, just might be able to sell a few more tickets.  I told him that I completely understood and thanked him for the information.

I walked back home.  To be honest, I was not very disappointed.  I was not interested in seeing the warm-up bands anyway and would just-as-soon spend the time working on my programming project.  So I did.  I made great progress in the hour and a half before I went back over to the club.

When I got back over, I presented myself to the doorman and asked him about tickets; would they be selling any?  I was hopeful but philosophical; I should have bought a ticket in advance; if I couldn’t get in, I’d go back and work more.

I was wearing my Z sweatshirt; the doorman asked me if I worked there. I said that I did not but that I lived upstairs.  The doorman told me to come with him…  He took me inside, stamped my hand, and sent me into the club telling me to have a good time.

I was stunned…  I was expecting to pay $15 for a ticket, if I could get one.

The second band was playing when I got back inside.  They were two clarinetists, a euphoniumizer, a trombonist, and a drummer.  Although I enjoyed the song they were playing when I arrived, they decided for some crazy reason to play a dirge as their last selection and I think everyone was pretty ready for that song to be over.

Finally the EAMB played.  A pit formed immediately; a very energetic one.  The band alternated playing from the stage and playing from the crowded floor; sometimes the pit would threaten to spill into the players…  At one point I got pushed backwards and hit my head on the bell of a sousaphone.  Hit my head on a sousaphone in a pit; a first for me.

The EAMB cheerleaders wore balaclava masks for the first third of the show or so; apparently a nod to the show date.

The band played for over an hour.  They were every bit as good as they had been at Lebowskifest.

I went home and went to bed.  I got up really late and wandered into the office, expecting to be the last person there…  I was still the first engineer to arrive.