…came the sounds of gunshots.  I knew immediately what they were, even over Soft Cell loudly playing ‘Chips on my Shoulder’.  My shades were drawn but I got down beneath the level of the window.

There was another flurry of shots.  They sounded close.

I snaked my hand up and turned off the music. Silence reigned for a few seconds; the normal street sounds had stopped.  Some one shouted “Let’s go!”  A car door slammed and I could hear a car drive off quickly.  People started yelling in the street.

I cautiously peeked out the window; on the opposite side of the street, about 60 feet away, lay a body.

I went out.  The guy was face down.  He didn’t look so good though there no apparent injuries.

The cops arrived immediately.  I helped them roll the patient and look for wounds, then got out of the way as city EMS resources arrived.

At the height of the response, there were eighteen police vehicles, one fire truck, a battalion car, and an ambulance on scene.


San Francisco Fire Department personnel transport a shooting patient from the scene at Valencia and Duboce

I’m very surprised.  I knew that violence has been escalating in the city but had not seen any examples in over a year.  I also knew that there have been other shootings in the Mission, but the closest I knew of was several blocks away.