While I was in California someone wrote several digits in ballpoint pen on the dashboard of Ambulance 2.  One of the EMS supervisors saw the ink and placed a big label on the dashboard; ‘I DO NOT WRITE ON THE AMBULANCE INTERIOR’.  While I thought the pen marks were idiotic, I thought the label was worse.

This morning I was doing rig checks and climbed into the back of the bus with a pen in my hand resulting in an inadvertent mark on the inside of the door. While looking at the mark, I noticed that the same thing had occurred multiple times; there were many marks on the door.  Seeing my opportunity (and with the rest of the shift out of the house) I went and got the label maker…  Yes, the one that says ‘KB don’t touch / u too Bxiie’.

I’ve fixed the door.

They really ought to keep the labeler locked up.