Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, from the sixth floor of the former Texas Schoolbook Depository. March 11, 2007; 240 views


Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, looking up Elm Street from the Grassy Knoll. The Schoolbook Depository is on the left; Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy from the rightmost window of the next-to-top floor. March 11, 2007; 121 views

Burning Man Ticket Back
Burning Man Ticket Back Scanned March 7, 2007; 102 views

Mount Ascutney Resort, Brownsville, Vermont.  My set of photos from this fire took on a life of their own and were used in numerous venues including the state fire investigation and the town’s bicentennial celebration. My work at this fire also earned me legitimacy as a scene photographer with local agencies. This particular photograph is not one of my favorites from this fire; for example, I much prefer this picture. The complete set can be found here January 23, 2007; 102 views


DHART lands at Mount Ascutney Hospital, Windsor, VT. February 25, 2007; 97 views