Both WordPress and Flickr give very basic tools for monitoring visits.  In each case, I wonder if the statistics are valid and tend to think of them as relative data only.

According to WordPress, the following entries have the most visits.  The top three entries generate several visits each day.

AED Update Availability by Model April 3, 2007; 1076 views This post grew out of a list that I was maintaining for my own use.  My blog’s most trafficked day was September 19, 2007, when some EMS online trade magazine found and linked to my page, resulting in 237 hits that day.

Dealey Plaza Notes March 22, 2007; 753 views This post discusses visiting the Dallas, Texas site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Medtronic CR+ versus Cardiac Science G3 April 14, 2007; 461 hits This post is a comparison of two models of automated external defibrillator.

RAVE: DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY DJ X-LAX SP April 19, 2007; 205 views I did not write this entry…  It is an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer from September 13, 1992, regarding a party held at the warehouse where I lived.  I am mentioned by name (first name, anyway) in the article.  I initially found out about the article from a coworker who brought in the paper.  He was kind enough to alert my boss, Annette; I think the whole episode gave Annette a few grey hairs.

GSW March 19, 2007; 148 views This is a narrative of a call that I worked last spring.

Interestingly, all of these posts were made in one month; March 19 – April 19, 2007.