Everyone I talk to has nothing but doom and gloom on their minds.  It’s a real downer.  I can’t help but agree that things look grim and will get worse, perhaps much worse, before they get better.  Things are not exactly roses and cut crystal around here; not by a long shot.  I try to muddle through, though, and keep a calm and positive attitude.

It’s amazing how quickly things change; the dot-com bubble peaked in 2000.  How rosy things looked at that time; my estimates then saw me retiring two years from now; ha!  Ha!

Chickens, count, hatch.

I’m honestly hopeful for the future.  I hope this new guy can pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Speaking of whom, check this out…


That’s a LiveJournal post from June 27th, 2005, regarding me taking interest in Barack Obama.  Funny that I had forgotten this quote (and my post) in the intervening two or three years before he threw his hat in the ring…  Maybe I *am* allergic to the ‘D’ (though I did vote for Clinton the first time).

Anyway, off to go soak my head.  My apologies for my negativity.