I was getting ready to take a picture of my partner at the ED and he stopped me, cautioning me not to take a picture of him with the beer.

You see, although he is a Firefighter/EMT, he is not yet 21.

He’s well-trained; he has better firefighting credentials than I do.  He’s certificated at the same EMS level as I am.  He’s a perfectly capable public safety worker…  But he can’t pick up a beer.

In this case, I directed him to pick up the beer ‘at-the-scene’.  It belongs to a patient, was on their person.  Rather than leave it in public, I asked my partner to get it.  It never occurred to me that I might be committing a crime by asking him to do so.  I could certainly ask him to pick up medications belonging to the patient.

He can provide patient care.  He can start IVs, he can give injections, he can drive an ambulance, operate a ladder truck…  Help injured or sick people and fight fires.

But he can’t have a beer.

Crazy rules.

Anyway, I insisted that he put the beer in his pocket for the picture.