I’ve spent five days at recert classes over the last two weekends…  Additionally, on Sunday afternoon, Toadstool (hiya!) recerted my CPR. I’ve had the chief of my paid FD sign all the things that needed to be signed by my head of service.  I need to get another signature from my medical director (a doctor at one of the hospitals to which I deliver patients) then I’ll be all set to take the recert exam for Vermont on February 18th.  Assuming I pass that, I’ll be set in Vermont.

As far as New Hamster goes, I’m still short five hours of continuing education, all (coincidentally) in pediatrics.  I will pick those up in the next week or two via video and Internet training, then I’ll be ready to send my application to the National Registry.  Once they return my new card, I’ll send that to the NH office, then I’ll be all set over there.

I’m so happy I only have to do this every other year.