My post-LJ-employment issues are almost resolved.  In addition to meeting the terms of my offer letter, they have generously allowed me to hold onto my work laptop for six weeks.  It’s a MacBook Pro.  I liked it a lot and will miss it.  I am pulling the last of my personal stuff off of it and will be returning it presently…  Maybe even tomorrow.

I have picked up a new laptop to replace the Mac.  I asked SuperTech for help in my selection; my main criteria was performance.  He found me an Asus G71G that fits the bill quite nicely.  It’s a ‘gaming laptop’ and has some crazy features…  Like numerous disco lights on the front of the lid and headlights(!) on the base of the side facing the user.  The lights are sort of cool but I think I will normally have them switched off.  In any event, this notebook is the most powerful computer I have yet owned even counting desktops.

I have some other things to say but this post is really just a test of Windows Live Writer, an off-line blogging tool.  I will probably post some other things later this evening.